Organising our photo archives

I , Tim, am posting this article to a) summarise the methods we have used to date and b) in the hope that it will elicit comments from everyone on which method we should adopt as ‘standard’.

These are the various methods we have used to date: –

1. I started the ball rolling with some of the photos I came away with from our October meeting. I grouped  some of  them by geographical portions of our travels and posted them using Picasa Web and my personal web space. They are:-
1.1 Cambridge to Moscow
1.2 Ukraine to Istanbul
1.3 Istanbul to Tehran
1.4 Iran
1.5 Iraq and Jordan
1.6 Israel

2. Roger then uploaded two galleries to his personal Picasa web space:-
2.1 Selected black and white photos
2.2 Selected colour photos
Roger has squenced these in date order but not attempted to partition them into segments of the journeys.

3. I concluded that while the personal Picasa Webs have the  benefit in being able to add comments to each photo it would be nice if we could add brief captions  to some photos so I created an Expedition Picasa Web and uploaded the photos that Tony and Mehmet selected. Actually these are very small versions of Mehmet’s original scans which are of very high quality. The collections are: –
3.1 Tony’s selection of Mehemet’s photos
3.2 Orchestre Kathmandu
3.3 Mehmet’s best personal
3.4 Mehmet’s best coloured
In order to add a caption to a photo in the Expedition Picasa Web you need to Sign in
at the top right of screen with User of  cambridgeexpedition61 and password I’ll advise separately. Note you do not use the Signup for Picasa Web Albums option.
4. Finally, (thankfully I guess you are thinking!) I thought we should see what facilities the blog software offers. So I downloaded Roger’s black and white (apologies for not asking Roger) and uploaded them to the album in the Photos Category.
This is where they are although you can go directly to them using the link in the menu to the left under Photos. You can start a slideshow by clicking the card symbol top left just above the first photo. To stop the slideshow scroll bottom left and press the Close link.

So please have a look and leave a comment on the blog under this article

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  1. Anonymous

    Roger's black and white photos on the blog are not in the correct sequence. I'm not sure how this happened.

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