Expedition suppiles

Tony Thompson compiled this list from his archives: –

Food, etc Supplied for the Expedition
Batchelor Foods-1 case beef curry with
-1 case savoury minced beef with mashed potatoes
– 1 case spaghetti Bolognese
Alfred Bird -1 case Bird's custard
British American Tobacco{Belgium}-8×200
{Germany}-8×200 cigarettes
Brooke Bond Tea -10 lbs 'choicest' blended
Bryant & May – 1 gross boxes safety matches
& 6 boxes lifeboat flares
Cadbury-Fry -6 dozen 1/2 lb tins drinking
-6 dozen 1/2 lb tins Bourneville chocolate
FC Calvert -1 dozen tins medical soap
Colgate-Palmolive -toothpaste,shaving cream &
toilet soap
Crosse & Blackwell – 1 case mixed
Cussons – 6 dozen tablets Imperial Leather
Frears -2 cases biscuits
Glaxo – 48 1lb tins milk powder
Hedley -1 case Camay soap{48 bath size
Heinz -2 dozen cans corned beef
Jeyes-2×3 dozen cartons flat pack toilet
gallon tin Jeyes Fluid
gallon tin Ibcol Extra
Kiwi Polish Co -supply shoe polish
Marmite -3 dozen 4 oz jars
James Marshall{Glasgow}Ltd -1 cwt{8 boxes}
Nestle -7 cases each containing 48x2oz tins
Oxo -2 tins each containing 1 gross Oxo
James Robertson -6 dozen miniature
Shippam -4 dozen assorted minced foods & 2 dozen
tins chicken supreme
Biro Swan -12 blue,12 black & 12 red
Symington -6 dozen 1 3/4 pint envelope
Tate & Lyle -28 lbs grain sugar & 28 lbs
crystal cubes
Unigate -75 lbs milk powder
Van den Berghs – 60 7 1/2 oz tins processed cheese
Wander -4 dozren 1 lb tins Ovaltine
dozen 1/2 lb packets Ovaltine biscuits
dozen tins Ovaltine tablets
Westons -carton of biscuits

2 thoughts on “Expedition suppiles

  1. Anonymous

    How on earth did we get this lot aboard the two vehicles? Its not only volume I'm thinking of but the weight as well!

  2. Tim Post author

    Can’t see any reference to the dehydrated steak (Erin Foods?) which was such a disappointment when we opened the tin to find a mince!

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