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In response to¬† Bob’s request for ideas prompted by Natasha’s questions on what colours, etc. for the blog and his statement that Mehmet has come up with another proposal I offer the following comments: –
The Blog will not be the finished product but is an invaluable tool in enabling us to assemble the material we have, share comments on that and help us decide how to shape the Web Site for publication. This is, in fact, the first blog I have been involved with but I can see the real value it can add to our project.
My thoughts on the original question about colours,etc is that they are not really important provided the format is clear. In fact I have no problems with the current colours.
Finally a tip for anyone posting anything do make sure to tick the appropriate category in addition to the Main Page in the box upper right as you are writing the article  you wish to post. That way we can see what material we have in each topic/category. Also if you want to be advised when something is posted to the blog go to My/Your Preferences and tick the relevant boxes.

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  1. Tim Post author

    Update to above following transfer to WordPress.

    Ignore the instruction to tick the Main Page category as it no longer exists. And the best way to keep up to date with blog postings or comments is to invoke the RSS facility which will alert you by means of a message to your Reader

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